Our Top 5 Trees and Shrubs for Improving Your Garden This Summer

Summer is approaching and the countryside is starting to burst into life with an abundance of plant and flower colour. With the warmer, sunnier weather naturally comes spending more time outside in your garden so what better time is there to start thinking about making improvements to your outside space? With that in mind, here are out top 5 trees, shrubs and mature plants for making your garden more private and interesting:

  1. Palm Tree

Palm trees are the ultimate exotic plant. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your garden space or how you want it to look. Palm trees are perfect for hanging a hammock on to and relaxing with a drink in the hot summer sun

Palm Trees in Pembrokeshire

  1. Bamboo Trees

Bamboo is a fast growing plant from the grass family. They look great in rock gardens or around ponds in your garden. They can be used as a windbreaker or as a slightly different style of hedge to offer something different to your backyard.

Bamboo Tree in Pembrokeshire

  1. Alpine

Alpine trees are often used as Christmas trees but can look great all year round. They provide a rich fragrance for your garden and a hub for a diverse range of wildlife for you to welcome.

  1. Evergreen Shrubs

Grandiflora stock an extensive range of both evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Evergreens, as the name suggests, bare leaves and photosynthesise all year around and in our opinion are essential for any garden. They can be added to your hedges or mixed borders.

Evergreen Tree Pembrokeshire

  1. Deciduous Shrubs

Unlike evergreen shrubs, deciduous shrubs do not bare leaves throughout the year. However, many provide a scent throughout the summer months and/or bring bright autumn colours to your garden. Many of the scents you will be familiar with as they  have been adapted to herbal teas which can be found at our Bramley’s Tearoom. You can choose from a huge range of colours to match your garden’s theme. Popular deciduous shrubs include fuchsias, spearmint, peppermint and camomile.


We are able to deliver big trees, mature plants or shrubs throughout South Wales and beyond from our centre near Tenby, Pembrokeshire and even offer a planting service. We are also able to provide a plant hire service for functions or film sets which includes delivery, set up and collection.