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You’ve picked out your new shrubs, your beautiful borders and your new trees.  But what to do next?  We can provide you with a full delivery and planting service.  Our delivery and planting service will ensure that you’re garden looks the best it can.  We are professional and experienced gardeners who know what works best and can help make sure that your garden positively blooms!

We can offer our delivery and planting service all over the UK, however our set fees are set as far as the Cardiff area, outside of this area prices are worked out on an individual basis.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss our Garden Delivery and Planting service.

Garden Delivery Service 

Here at Grandiflora, St. Florence Tenby we provide a full delivery and planting service essential for the larger trees and shrubs. The cost of delivery varies depending the distance of the delivery, but is a one off price if you have 1 or 10 trees.

Our policy is to deliver within 2 weeks of purchase wherever possible. With very large trees this may not be possible due to the equipment required and the logistics.

Garden Planting Service

Using our professional planting service will make sure that your trees, plants and shrubs get off to the best start.  Your new plants are valuable and should be viewed as an investment for your garden and home.   Our planting service includes, rotivating soil if necessary, removing weeds and digging in appropriate compost.  For the planting process we will also set out the plants, plant the plants with care, take steps to reduce the number of weeds, and water plants after planting.

If you’ve made a long term investment in purchasing a set of beautiful plants, shrubs and trees for your garden – don’t waste them!  Investing in our planting and delivery service will get them off to a good beginning.  Let us do the hard work, and you can concentrate on maintaining your beautiful new garden.

There is a set fee for planting individual trees and this is calculated based on the size of the pot. For multiple planting it generally works out more cost effective to work on a time basis. Quotes can be provided prior to planting, so please get in touch to discuss how we can help your garden grow!