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Grandiflora Garden Centre Pembrokeshire give you tips on how to prepare your garden for winter - autumn leaves on a treeThe days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting lower.  Just because the colours of summer have dimmed don’t think your jobs are over until Spring.   It’s now time to start thinking about closing your garden down for winter.  Our tips below can help you clear up your garden.   They will help get it prepared for the new seasons and make sure you are at your peak for Spring.

1. Greenhouse Maintenance

As we said before, now we are into October daylight is becoming increasingly scarce.  If you have any shading set up in your greenhouse it should be removed instantly.  If your greenhouse has been shade painted, get scrubbing it off! While you’re at it, make sure that none of your panes are cracked and broken, if they are then replace them!

Take the opportunity to give your greenhouse a bit of a clean on the inside.  Take the plants out and do it a full sweep out, disinfect the surfaces and the glass.  Once you’ve done this make sure you ventilate the greenhouse over the next few days.

2. Tidy your Borders

Get preparing your borders for the spring, dig up your annuals and add them to the compost.  If you want you can always replant with winter bedding – getting ready for a colourful display in spring.  Once you’ve cleared and tidied your borders it’s time to protect them.  Spread a thick layer of compost, or bark chips, or well rotted manure across them.  No need to dig it in.

3. Revitalise your lawn

If the summer left your lawn a little worse for wear then now is the time to give your lawn a little TLC (tender lawn care).  Use a fine rake to remove moss and thatch (which should then be added to the compost heap).  Then improve drainage by piercing deeply with a fork every 10cm across the area.

You could also brush in a sandy top dressing and apply lawn feed on top to help protect your lawn over the cold winter months.  If you are looking to lay some new turf, Autumn is also the perfect season as it gives it loads of time to sink in before Summer.

4. Give the Wildlife a Hand

It’s time for the bird feeders to go up!  If you have cats then make sure they are out of their reach.  Looking after your birds will help to keep overwintering pests at bay and add some life to your garden over the winter months.

5. Don’t stop the weeding

It’s easy to hang your gardening gloves up when the temperature starts to fall but don’t!  Weeding continues to be important through out the winter months.  Pull them up, or if they are in the lawn spot-spray with selective herbicide.  Perennial weeds are actually more effectively wiped out during autumn sprays than by summer applications!

6. Go Evergreen

If you don’t like the way you garden looks during the cold season – then why not plant some evergreens?  Evergreens provide year round interest to a garden, so Autumn is the perfect time to fill your borders and hedges.

7.  Protect your Pond

If your garden has a water feature or pond then falling leaves can befoul your water and block pump filters.  Netting your ponds etc. will save your effort later.  It’s as easy as pinning a fine net across it and securing with bricks.  These leaves can then be collected and added to your compost heap – simple!

These are just a few ideas to get started  on when it comes to preparing your garden for winter.   However you prepare your garden for winter head on down to Grandiflora, Tenby, Pembrokeshire.  Whether it’s picking up a bird feeder, investing in some new evergreens or getting some weed-killer we can help!



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